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Getting Started with Windows Store Apps

Windows 8 introduces a new type of application: the Windows Store app.
Windows Store apps have a brand new look and feel, run on a variety of devices, and you sell them on the Windows Store.

  • You can develop Windows Store apps in a variety of languages: 
  • If you know web development technologies, you can develop a Windows Store app using HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3 (CSS3), and JavaScript.
  • If you have developed .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, or Microsoft Silverlight applications, you can develop a Windows Store app using XAML, with code-behind in C++, C#, or Visual Basic.
  • If you know DirectX, you can develop a DirectX Windows Store app using native C++ and HLSL to take full advantage of graphics hardware.

*NOTE: Windows Store app development is supported only on Windows 8. You can’t develop Windows Store apps on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012.

Now Get Set Go…

Requirements for Developement:

  1. Windows 8 Operating System
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 For Windows 8
  3. Blend For Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (Windows 8)
  4. Developer Licence

Here We Start
1. Get set up

Start here to learn about Windows Store apps and get the tools you need to create them.
• A. What’s a Windows Store app?
At this point, you might be asking, “OK, so what are Windows Store apps and how do they differ from desktop apps?” Read this article to learn about what makes Windows Store apps different.

• B. Get the tools
Download Windows 8 and the free developer tools you need to create Windows Store apps: Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8, Blend for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 for Windows 8, the Windows 8 software development kit (SDK), and project templates for creating new Windows Store apps.

• C. Get a free developer license
Before you can start creating Windows Store apps, you need a developer license. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to get one.

What’s next?

Check out What’s next to get a tour of the Windows Dev Center.


Ubuntu Now Fits in Hands.

Elegance, distilled

Designed to make all your phone content easier to access and your apps more immersive – every edge has a specific purpose, making all your apps, content and controls instantly accessible, without navigating back to the home screen every time. And the Ubuntu phone fits perfectly into the wider family of Ubuntu interfaces, alongside the PC and TV. It’s a uniquely, beautifully converged experience.

  • Always running
  • Going back
  • Content, not controls
  • A whole world of apps
  • Favourite apps

Firefox OS Coming Soon

Bringing The Open Web To Mobile Devices.. FIREFOX OS.

New Mozilla OS For Mobile

New Web standards

Freedom from proprietary mobile platforms

Opportunities for developers

Using HTML5 and the new Mozilla-proposed standard APIs, developers everywhere will be able to create amazing experiences and apps. Developers will no longer need to learn and develop against platform-specific native APIs.

Choose Windows 8 For You

Which Windows is right for you?

Both Windows 8 and Windows RT offer a beautiful, fast, and fluid interface that you can personalize with the people, apps, and sites you care about most. They’re designed for touch, mouse, and keyboard. There are some important differences between Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows 8 Pro.

Windows RT * tablets and PCs are made to go anywhere. Thin and light, with extended battery life, they start up in an instant and stay connected to email, social networks, and apps, so you’re always up to date. Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview is also included, so you can be productive while on the go. Windows RT is only available preinstalled on select tablets and PCs and it only runs built-in apps or apps that you download from the Windows Store. For more information, see the Windows RT FAQ.

If you want to install desktop software like Adobe Photoshop or an older version of Office, consider Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro.

Windows 8 ** comes preinstalled on a variety of new tablets, convertibles, Ultrabooks, laptops, and all-in-one PCs. Windows 8 works with both existing desktop software and apps that you download from the Windows Store.

Windows 8 Pro gives you all of the great benefits of Windows 8, as well as enhanced networking and data encryption features. For a limited time, you canupgrade your existing PC to Windows 8 Pro for a great price, or get it preinstalled on many new tablets and PCs.

Looking to purchase a new PC? We’ll help you choose which one is right for you.

Windows RT

Windows 8

Windows 8 Pro

Great built-in apps like Mail, Calendar, Messaging, Photos, and SkyDrive, with many more available from the Windows Store.

Check mark
Check mark
Check mark

Includes Internet Explorer 10 for fast, intuitive browsing.

Check mark
Check mark
Check mark

Keeps you up to date and more secure with Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Windows Update.

Check mark
Check mark
Check mark

Runs programs you used with previous versions of Windows. ***

Check mark
Check mark

Provides enhanced data protection using BitLocker technology to help keep your information secure. ****

Check mark
Check mark

Comes with Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview preinstalled so you can do more out of the box. *****

Check mark

Enables you to connect to your PC when you’re on the go with Remote Desktop Connection.

Check mark

Connects to your corporate or school network with Domain join.

Check mark

Browser Wars


Chrome 21

Chrome Instant means your Web page is ready to read before you finish typing the address. This, its speed and minimalist design have deservedly been attracting more and more users to the browser. Leading HTML5 support means it will be ready for the future, application-like Web, and hardware acceleration makes Chrome a speed maven at any task. Hardware acceleration adds even more speed, but Google still hasn’t implemented Do Not Track privacy protection, which every other browser here supports. 

Firefox 14

Firefox versions keep coming at a fast clip, now that Mozilla hews to a Chrome-like rapid release schedule. These frequent versions haven’t brought the kind of earth-shattering changes we used to see in new full-number Firefox updates, but the development teams have tackled issues of importance to a lot of Web users—startup time, memory use, and of course security. This lean, fast, customizable browser can hold its own against any competitor, and it offers graphics hardware acceleration and good HTML5 support. 

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Microsoft’s latest browser is faster, trimmer, more compliant with HTML5—a major improvement over its predecessor. It also brings some unique capabilities like tab-pinning and hardware acceleration, but it’s falling behind after a long period since its release, and only Windows 7 and Vista users need apply.


Maxthon 3.4

Maxthon is the browser in this roundup known and used by the fewest people, but it offers the most in tools, and surprisingly good performance and HTML5 support. If the idea of being able to take a screen capture of a webpage, download video, or switch to a dark view for night viewing, give Maxthon a download. Site compatibility is guaranteed, since Maxthon uses both Chrome and IE’s webpage rendering engines. And remarkably, Maxthon beat Chrome on Google’s own JavaScript speed benchmark. But don’t look for hardware acceleration—yet. 

Opera 12

Like the other current browsers Opera is fast, compliant with HTML5, and spare of interface. Long an innovator, recently it’s added support for HTML5 getUserMedia, which lets webpages access your webcam (with your permission, of course). Opera’s Turbo speeds up the Web on slow connections through caching. Extension support actually followed other browsers, but Oslo still impresses with tab stacking, visual mouse gestures, a built-in Bittorrent client, and live Speed Dial tile apps. 

Safari 5.1.7

Windows users may be losing Apple’s browser as an option, since the company didn’t update it to version 6, as it did the Mac version. Safari is a fast, beautiful browser, and the Reader view and Reading List makes it even more enticing—though the former is equaled in Maxthon. Good support for HTML 5 features will also be important. Safari’s gorgeous styling, strong bookmarking, RSS reader, and vivid new-tab page will also appeal to many, but it’s falling behind in speed tests, offers no hardware acceleration under Windows, and starts up the slowest among the software we tested.

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