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The Internet masters has rolled out Google Nose. It is currently in beta stage.
It enables users to check out their search queries smell like.

Like,you can look up for items like Wet Dog, Lemon, Aroma etc by pressing agnaist your laptop, Smartphone and Tablet.

For live experience go to



Google+ New Interface

Google+ has got a new user interface and the new interface comes with a lot of changes in it. It is now available to everyone you guys can visit and see the changes..

New Cool Interface has a vertical navigation bar that contains Apps and many more things.
A new hangout page for advanced styled people’s list.


Facebook Shortcuts

Dear friends getting bored to use Facebook with mouse and touchpad….

Here are some facebook shortcuts for you people but it only works with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

* For Chrome- “Alt+Key/Shortcut”
* For Firefox- “Alt+Shift+Key/Shortcut”

List Of Shortcut Keys:
1. To Open a new Message- “M”

2. For Facebook Search- “?”

3. For Home/Newsfeed- “1”

4. To See Profile Page- “2”

5. For Friend Requests- “3”

6. Messages- “4”

7. Notifications- “5”

8. Account Settings- “6”

9. Privacy Settings- “7”

10. Facebook Page- “8”

11. Facebook Statements/Rights- “9”

12. Facebook Halp Centre- “10”

Tips to use these shortcuts:

* If you are using Chrome then Press “Alt+the key from above”
* If you are using Firefox then Press “Alt+Shift+ the key from above”

Thanx Enjoy…..
Visit Facebook with a new experience..
Visit Now.

Google launched Google Keep

Finally Google launched a new app for Mobile users that will allowusers to sync their notes and to-do lists across their PC,Mobile Phone and Tablets using their Google account.

With this app people can quickly add notes to their ideas and what they think and checklist also.
They can add photos to keep track that what is important to them.

This app is similar to Evernote and Onenote.
Currently this is available for Android 4.0 version phones only.
Users can access the Google Drive also with this app and can access to their company’s website also by logging in to their corresponding company’s email id.
New features like Voice notes and Photos are added to it and Voice notes can be transcribed.

Broadband Speed Test by Intel

Having doubt what is the speed of your internet connection?
Put your hands on Intel’s tool for checking the speed of your Broadband.
Go to Intel’s Tool

So Put Your Broadband On To Test.

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