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General information:-

At present around 250 million people are using Microsoft’s email service and above 150 million people are using Gmail, so from this we can easily guess how popular this web enabled trend is.


This thing can only hold good if you have at max 3 user accounts. But above it???

Now you can’t manage….there are some inefficiencies still continuing with web-based emails.

If you want to become more productive; then simply switch to desktop email clients

Here is WHY to this:-

1)   SPEED:-

To process hundreds of messages daily we need to wait for a distant remote web server to handle our requests in web-based clients. In this hotmail is pretty instant but not as outlook and thunderbird. It is really a work overload, if u have to click for thousand more times by killing your minutes. Furthermore this speed depends upon internet not on your pc.

original2) TIMING:-

It does not have any relation with the size of the file whether it is 1k or 10mb, and the connection type you have either snappy or slow. You can process messages any time any where even if u r not online also. But in web based you have to wait until all your attachments are done.


Although web based email is adding up new features like drag n drop of attachments, but these are some of the common trends in desktop based since 1997.


4)  CONTROL :-

You can have several copies of your documents (one you can get online and the other with yourself i.e. synchronized on your desktop); if any disaster strikes. It’s not wise enough to trust on the cloud for valuable documents.


5)   PRIVACY:-

While managing multiple email accounts in web based email; at the time you reached the limit after you have integrated all your mails, you have to forward it to your inbox. And it is so risky. Hackers do have an easy access to yours accounts and the service providers too.



With it you can have an access to your mails even if you are offline. It is quite a better option that Gmail as it is providing the same with its own browser “chrome”.


7)   BACK UPS:-

Here you can have a control over your back up by selecting emails locally, in a network or remotely. But in the other aspect you have to depend on provider’s backup solution



Developers and companies can create their own personalized desktop client, but web-based cannot be possible. A non-developer can have access to an extension repository; in which they can even change the layout.



More versatile filters than web based emails. It offers automatic filtration of mails from certain senders use specified tags or exceeds certain limit. Or you can give automatic reply to some priority mails.


With so many advantages it needs a bit effort, still zimbra, thunderbird and windows live mail are completely free; take only few minutes to set up.

Usage of this will surely increases your email productivity drastically.


Blank Status in Facebook

Hello Friends.

Now you can update blank status on your wall.

Here is the trick.

Login to your account and go to the  Update Status(Whats on your mind).

Now enter @[3:3: ] in your status and then post.

See what happens….Lolz… 😉

Be Safe in Facebook

Adult Content Scam Updates Auto Posting In Wall?

Yes friends it is a very common issue in facebook. So no need to worry.
Here are some solutions to them.
We just need to remove an Extension installed on your browser Named “YouTube Premium“.

Google Chrome Users: Go to Tools > Extensions and remove the “YouTube Premium” from there.
Mozilla Firefox Users: Go to Tools > Ad-dons > and remove the “YouTube Premium” from there.

That’s it. You might need to restart your browser to see the effect. After removal whenever you see this status update, just click report spam to the update.

Be safe!

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