Write For Us
Do you have an addiction to the internet or Technology?
Do you find yourself always active on social networking sites?
Are you a blogger yourself or do you have an experience in writing articles for a tech blog?
If yes, then you are the person we are looking for to write at TechBreez.

We are primarily looking for individuals who have interest and a little bit experience in writing cool technology related articles.

What You Will Write

The topics and title of the posts will be chosen by you. You have to search yourself and come up with the latest topics,gadgets and trends on the web. You may use social networking sites and follow other sites to get the ideas, inspirations and quick updates.

We are primarily looking for the posts in the following categories:
* New Gadgets
* Internet Secrets
* New Technology
* Developement Stuffs/Ideas
* Tips and Tricks about Internet or Computer etc…

How To Get Started
If you are interested in writing for us, just send us an email at jyoti.jeevan6@gmail.com and tell us how can you be a good fit for tipsOtricks.

Also show us some links of your writings (if you have written before) and/or links of your own blog (if you have any).

Don’t forget to tell us 3-5 of your unique ideas or topics that you would like to write at tipsOtricks. Every application will be replied within 24 hours.

Administrator. 🙂